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My site:

Welcome to my site! If you are looking for my old site, or just want to see what else I've made, please visit:

This site was made completely by me. Every picture was taken by me, and I made the lego video except for the music, which was created by Steven Nunes, who was pleased with the video. The site features things I enjoy.

Things to look for:

Downloads include links to some rather incredible software, especially the first three.

Picture in my Gallery were taken in Salt Lake City, Utah and São Paulo, Brazil.


To the best of my knowledge, nothing on the site is illegal, nor do I link to site which I suspect of being illegal. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Chat with me!

Now you can chat with me through the site! On the window to the right, choose a nickname and type me a message!

See my music video!

Here's a link to my old Scamp page!

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