CS 3520/6520 Programming Languages

Course Content

CS 3520/6520 covers

By studying programming languages, students learn concepts and vocabulary to think and talk about different ways of structuring programs. The goal is not to make you a programming-language designer, but to make you a better programmer.

Course History

CS 3520 (undergraduate) and CS 6520 (graduate “meets with”) will be taught in Fall 2018 to cover the same concepts as

CS 5510/6510, Fall 2017

The new course numbers better reflect the level of the material: The course has few enough pre-requisites that undergraduates can take it in roughly their third year, but it’s still specialized enough to be useful as basic programming-languages course for graduate students.

Note to graduate students and upper-level undergraduates: Tentatively, CS 6510 will resume in Spring 2019 closer to its old format, which matches the catalog description for CS 6510. CS 3520/6520 will be a pre-requisite.