CS 5310/6310 & ME 5220/6220 Projects

  1. 9/5/2018 Lab 1: Introduction to ROS and Baxter [docx]

  2. Due October 5, 2018: Lab 2: Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots [pdf]. Submit requested files by web-based handin or directly on a CADE machine.

    handin cs5310 project2 your_files

  3. 10/5/2018 Lab 3: DH parameter labeling.

  4. 12/3/2018 Lab 4: Baxter Pick and Place


    Lab 4 will take place on the week of November 26. Signup will be on Wednesday, November 7. Again, work in groups of 4. Your handin is due on December 3, 2018, at midnight. Please submit your code, your inverse kinematics calculation, and a brief summary of the lab.

For web-based submission of requested files, go to: https://webhandin.eng.utah.edu/index.php

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