CS 6660: Physics-based Animation, Spring 2019

Course Information

Lectures: WEB L126, Tue/Thu, 10:45am - 12:05pm


Ladislav Kavan, office hours: Monday 2:00 - 3:30pm


Physically based simulation techniques have revolutionized special effects in film and video games, creating extremely realistic effects while allowing high levels of artistic control. This course explores physically based simulation methods for computer animation of a wide variety of phenomena and materials, such as rigid and deformable solids, cloth, and liquids. Students will be introduced to numerical methods, physical models, and theoretical results which form the building blocks of these methods. In addition to traditional off-line simulation approaches, this course will also focus on real-time physics, highly relevant e.g. in computer games and interactive simulators, such as virtual surgery. The course is appropriate for both upper level undergraduate and graduate students. At the conclusion of the course, a short presentation session will be held where teams will present their final projects.


There will be one main team-based project, typically solved in teams of two or three students (single-person teams are also possible). The complexity of projects will be proportional to team size. The key deliverables are: project description, presentation of previous work, mid-term report, final project report and final presentation. Specific instructions and deadlines for each of the deliverables will be communicated in class and via Canvas.


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