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topic video link
% ionic character link
interatomic forces link
interatomic forces and potential energy  link
crystal structure, density, APF link
crystal structure, density link
predicting crystal structure from ionic ratios link
XRD X-ray diffraction link
polymer structure link
condensation reaction polymerization link
polymer length and particle size link
degree of polymerization and molecular weight link
line intercept grain size link
vacancies link
composition transformation link
ficks first law mass  link
ficks second law mass link
diffusion distance link
elasticity, stress/strain link
elastic constant interrelations (Youngs modulus to Shear) link
strain hardening link
Weibull failure analysis and probabilistic design link
use excel to determine weibull modulus link
polymer stress relaxation link
hall petch link
grain growth and hall petch link
griffith fracture toughness  link
Larson-Miller parameter & rupture life link
S-N curves, fatigue testing link
crack growth & cyclic fatigue link
steady state creep strain rate link
sketching G vs T from phase diagram link
creating unary phase diagram from G vs P sketch link
lever rule link
calculating formula of intermediate compounds link
steel phase diagram cooling lever rule link
homogeneous nucleation link
TTT diagrams and steel composition link
avrami kinetics link
joule heating, resistance vs resistivity, specific heat link
piezoelectric dipole polarization link
sketching band diagrams and influence of dopants link
extrinsic semiconduction, electrical conductivity link
composites fiber orientation and fraction link


Gibbs Free Energy example with equilibrium constant link
Free energy of formation at different temperature link
electrochemistry with different # of electrons in half reactions link
thermal stress link
Ficks first law for thermal flux of heat link